Creativity – It’s Our Future

Creativity – It’s Our Future


By Trevor Bailey, Director of WW Education   

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Einstein understood the importance of the imagination and his words remind us of where human creativity has taken us – and will continue to take us. Creativity is essential to innovation. And innovation gives us the new technologies and products that will drive the global economy forward.

How important is creativity to our future? A recent study conducted by Adobe in the U.S., “Creativity and Education: Why It Matters,” showed that 90 percent of US professionals believe that unlocking creativity is essential to economic growth and that it is valuable to society. The study also highlighted a growing awareness, especially among professionals, that creativity and creative thinking deserve a bigger role in education. In fact, 88 percent of U.S. professionals surveyed believe that creativity should be built into standard curricula. Today, companies are realizing the importance of the creative process in the workplace. They are looking for employees who can do more than specific tasks—they want employees who can also think differently and be innovative. To be successful, students need an education that emphasizes communication, collaboration and creativity.

With the challenges the world is facing today in our global economy, in our environment, and in social issues, the need for creative ideas has never been greater. That is why we are aligning our work to help students and educators realize the power of creativity and self-expression by providing digital tools, vibrant communities, resources, curricula, certifications and platforms that showcase student success. To better prepare our students for the challenges of today, we must graduate thinkers of tomorrow. Here at Adobe we believe creativity is no longer an elective; it’s the future.

Originally posted on the Adobe blog ‘UK and Ireland channel news’ on September 24, 2013. It may be accessed here.


Globel Warming hits home.

What  a week it has been. Rain, wind, flooding, fallen trees, roads closed and thats just all within one mile of my house. The question has been posed by some over the last number of years ; Is global warming a reality or just a myth ?

Well there are now no doubts the results are in. Global warming is real and it’s here to stay. For some of us it is not a real surprise that the years of pollution and poor management of the earths resourses has finaly caught up with us. The adverse weather conditions that have effected western Europe in the past few months is the equivilent of the “Hens coming home to roost”

The only question now is what can we do to manage the situation and try to give our children a sustainable future. It’s up to all of us to educate ourselves.